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About Me

Life's too short. If you don't look after yourself, then who will?

Hi! I am Hyacinth.

Describe yourself.

Philippine born, Aussie raised, I then moved to Europe and stayed for 20 something years (let not talk age just yet, please). In 2022,  I returned to Asia and getting reacquainted to the way of life that I once knew! I worked in the Private and non-profit sector, juggled family life in between to raise our children. I have three kids (and that's it).

I love to travel, eat (and cook) and appreciate a good glass of wine (or two)! I am happiest when at sea.

No day is the same: I wear several hats throughout, constantly searching for that balance between work+family life! I set high standards for myself. 

Have you always taken Pilates?

Pilates entered at a later stage in my life. At a time when I was unaware of how little self care I was giving to myself. I wasn't taking time out for me, nor looking after my mind, nor my muscles as I should. 

I badly needed a change.

So I decided that something had to give in order to give way to new things. Pilates did just that. It has literally been change through movement

What brought you to Pilates?

I ran a bit for exercise, but it just couldn't keep me motivated. I also suffered from a lower back pain that restricted me from certain movements on a daily basis. This frustrated me a lot. I wanted something  'low intensive'.   

My first pilates class was honestly quite 'ugly' - I had never felt so uncoordinated or inadequate.

However, I kept at it. I had challenges and continue to do so. But overcoming them, keeps me motivated.

I revived that mental state of being: If I can do that, then there are a many things I can do.

So I'd say, if your first session feels lost on you (as it did for me), I'd like to assure you that my experience was the same.

'Practice makes perfect' they often say, and I guess for this instance, they are pretty right. I have been in group classes and individual ones. I understand the cost difference and everyone needs to do what feels best.

Just like any training, one on one is focused and has a feedback process. This allows for proper execution of the exercises which in turn leads greater rehabilitation and advancement in Pilates.

Final thoughts...

I love Pilates, so forgive me for being openly biased.

L'atelier pilates 18 is a result of how I would like to share my own experience and appreciation for further learning, for the challenge, for the appreciation of Pilates as it should be practised. 

Ciao, and hope to see you at the Studio!

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