Top 5 reasons for Pilates.

With the Reformer, the possibilities are endless.

"You are only as young as your spinal column" (J. Pilates).

With our sessions, it is my aim that you feel supported, taken care of and your concerns are addressed. 

I can help you in these key areas:

1)  Asthma - improve pulmonary function and respiratory endurance, activate thoracic and abdominal muscles.

2)  Sport muscle treatment -  lower body strengthening,  body balancing for one-sided sport activities, targeting tibial and plantar pain.

3)   Stress recovery  (from significant life changing events ie moving to new environments, post surgery, post pregnancy) -  target body and mind coordination, relaxation and flexibility. 

At the studio, exercises are performed with attention to proper and efficient movement. With practise and time, you will find noticeable differences in your daily activities, recreation and sports. 


1 / Discover the benefits of moving with increased efficiency and ease.

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