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l'atelier pilates 18

move right. feel good. look great. 

the studio: Welcome

Welcome, to your studio in Chiltern Drive.

private. inviting. calm.

The studio is your space. Your atelier. A place of learning, practise and training. 

l'atelier pilates 18 invites you to a private studio on Chiltern Drive within Bradell Heights Estate.

Practise the method with me, Hyacinth Rebaud.

Get on the Reformer and remove yourself from the outside noise. Get your 55 minutes of pure me time.

Your mind and body will thank you after. 

the studio: Welcome

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the studio: Testimonials

"Hyacinth is a highly-skilled Pilates instructor. She shows all exercises and communicates the way to perform them in a very clear and graspable manner. Moreover, she is a joyful and very pleasant person, which makes you feel cozy at her amazing studio. After the Pilates sessions with Hyacinth, I felt my body more relaxed and my muscles less stressed even from the first session!"

C. Markou, Athens

the studio: Pro Gallery
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